Inspirational Pictures Of Painted Kitchen Cabinets

One of the ways that could be done in getting a new look of kitchen cabinets is by painting them which might be inspired by so many inspirational pictures of painted kitchen cabinets. Looking for the ideas to paint the cabinets is a very important step to be done at first before really commencing the painting processes. You can actually look for the painted cabinets pictures in many places from the internet, books, magazines, and even seeing them directly in your neighbors’ kitchen. Be sure to take your time very well in looking for the pictures for your ideas. Be sure to think about the painting itself whether or not you could done it by yourself.

In order to make the pictures of painted kitchen cabinets that you have searched become reality in your cabinets, you will need to have the needed tools and equipments. Before commencing the painting once the pictures have been collected, be sure to prepare all of the necessary tools to get the job done. Things like goggles, rubber gloves, sandpaper or sander, plastic sheeting, painter’s tape, degreaser, stix, primer, tack paper, and also paints are all needed to be prepared before starting the project of renewing kitchen cabinets using paint.

In selecting the actual paint to imitate the pictures of painted kitchen cabinets that you have, be sure to get the exact type and tone of the paints. I terms of the finish, it is advisable to go for the semi-gloss finish over other types. It will make you easier to clean out the cabinets later on if you are using semi-gloss finish. Regardless of the actual colors in the pictures that you have as your basic ideas, the popular tone of kitchen cabinets paint remains to be white. The fact that white emphasizes cleanliness inside the kitchen is the main reason that it remains to be a popular tone to choose.

Before getting into the actual spraying to get the look as the pictures of painted kitchen cabinets that you have, be sure to clean and also cover everything first. Cleaning up the cabinets is needed since clean surface will absorb the paint better and quicker. The use of degreasing product followed by sandpaper is needed in the cleaning process. In terms of covering step, be sure to cover the area that you do not want to be painted and also the surrounding area to keep them clean.

Once you have done the cleaning and covering steps, you can start doing the next step in getting the look of your kitchen cabinets as in pictures of painted kitchen cabinets which are sanding and spraying primer. Apply the primer in one coat then let it dry before sanding it again. Once the primer has dried if you want to get a better result apply adhesive product like stix in at least two coats. It will help the paint to stick into the cabinets’ surface easier. Wait for the adhesive coats to dry perfectly before getting into the painting step for an optimum result.

In painting the cabinets for the look as in the pictures of painted kitchen cabinets, you should consider using a high quality brush. Get started by painting one side first then another side. The best look could be obtained in two layers of paint.

It is okay if you want to do a soft sanding before the second coat of paint. Once the second coat has been applied you might want to observe the look of your cabinets to match the pictures of painted kitchen cabinets that you have whether it has been pretty much similar or not.

Remembering Sears Modern Homes As A Beautiful Nostalgia

People live in the past during early to middle of 20th century might know the sears catalog homes. They also were known as sears modern homes. During 1908 and 1940, according to their claim, they sold for more than 70,000 homes in North America. Actually, the company which based on mail order had the name Sears, Roebuck and Company. It was American company retailer. They shipped the house kits by using boxcar. They provided most of the material used to build a home at that time.

Now, it was only a legend. But, the design and style of the house built during early 20th century is still used until now. Today, the house design used most design from the sears modern homes. You might know the name of the houses built by that company that become inspiration today. Some of them are Alhambra, argyle, Barrington, crescent, Dover, Hathaway, Osborn and many more. Half of them were made at 1913. The sears modern homes 1913 commonly had the sunroom as well as the living room at the front of the house.

Styles of Sears Modern Homes

As I said above, there were a lot of homes built by the Sears homes at the past. One of them was house model Alhambra built in 1928. It was included in the big list of sears modern homes catalog. The appearance was very beautiful with its vintage design. There was small porch before you entering the house. When you had enter to the house, you must met the great sunroom which 27 feet away from the living room. That sears modern homes had two levels floor.

In the first level floor, there were sunroom, living room, kitchen, and dining room. As the main room in the Alhambra house, living room was the biggest room inside. Then, you should take some stairs to get into second level floor. In the second level floor or Alhambra sears modern homes there were four bedrooms with a master and only one bathroom located between two bedrooms. The interior was designed in totally classic. It seems like another house from Sears which is Barrington.

The Barrington home style from sears modern homes was built in 1923. With classic design, it had two levels floor. All of the bedrooms (counted four) were located at second level floor. Meanwhile, the living room, kitchen, and dining room were in the first level floor. The style seemed have no different between it and the sears modern homes 1908 when they started to build home for public. The house priced with $2,458 at that time was surrounded by open field and garden. Meanwhile, it had no large terrace.

Another home style made by the sears modern homes was Dover house. It was totally designed such a classic style. They used plank as the wall. Meanwhile, the fireplace chimney was made of brick. It had six rooms contained of a living room, kitchen, dining room, and three bedrooms, and a bath. The dimension was approximately 34 feet depth and 36 feet width. Look at the inside, staircase stood in the center of living area connected first level to second level floor.

Therefore, this home had no sunroom as many sears modern homes built in that year. After the door, living room welcomed every guest nicely. The price of the home was $2,270 at that year. Today, if you want to make sears modern homes, that price is surely not enough. You need more than $50,000 at least to build the same house like in the year of 1923. But, it is more realistic than buying an existed sears home.

Modern Mobile Home: Its Beauty And Benefits

Modern mobile home is a good alternative toward conventional house. It is basically prefabricated in the factory. Later, the house will be attached together after arrived at the site. It is often functioned as temporary house. Many people use it during their holiday and then leave it just as it is. Modern modular home is depicted with the combinations of glass, wood, and metal altogether.

The beauty is real. If you love simplicity, this house is perfect for you. Modern mobile home has simple box design with flat roofs. Many architects create the variation of the design by creating different wall levels. The house is characterized with the big window that can be used as a door too. The interior is stunning. You will feel back to nature when you are inside the modern trailer home. This is happened since the mobile home is often designed with the wooden features. It is including the wooden flooring and walls. Sometimes, the furniture is also made from wood.

For more modern touch, you can opt for bright wall paints and furniture. It will make the modern mobile home spacious than usual. Since the size is relatively smaller than conventional house, you will find minimum amount of rooms here. It will be very functional. The bedroom can also be combined with the living room which is also connected to the kitchen. Everything is packed into a single room. In many chances, after you buy the mobile home, you can redecorate the room by installing semi-permanent wall partition too.

Modern mobile home design comes in variety of sizes. You can buy a mobile home with 18 feet x 90 feet size or 20 feet x 90 feet size. These two are the most common sizes in the market. You can also build modern mobile home with bigger size around two or three times bigger than that. Of course, it will cost you more than the regular size.

The Benefits of Modern Mobile Home

There are many benefits that modern mobile home give to the house owner. The first one is the simplicity. It will be loved by anybody who sees it. The house interior and exterior really have the modern elements in it. Together with the natural wooden features of the house, you will feel refreshed when you are here. It is perfect for either short holiday stay or permanent living.

Another benefit is the installation. You can find any place you want to set the modern mobile home. The manufacturer will helps you in setting the house. Once you don’t need it, you can trade the house. Even if you still want to use it, you can ask the house mover to move the house to the new location. It can cost you around $25,000. But it is worth the price since you don’t need to build the house since scratches anymore.

Modern mobile home is also cheaper than the conventional house. You can afford it with budget as small as $25,000. This price is similar to the price of cheap car nowadays. Even with budget around $100,000, you can get a mobile home with the best design in the market. It is already including the cost for small renovations for the house. When it comes to maintenance, you don’t need to be confused. It is quite easy to maintain mobile home. You don’t need to spend thousand dollars every year just to do basic maintenance like what people do to the conventional house. Even if you have to repair, it will happen once in many years. Last but not least is the flexibility in design. You can also maximize the room with the existence of multipurpose sofa and bed. You will be easier in taking care all of your furniture too.

Creating Home Decor Modern With Eco-Friendly And Wooden Furniture

Whenever you want to build a house, you must face some optional designs. You must choose whether modern or traditional design, or the mixing of them. Today, people tend to build modern house design. The home decor modern is common because of its fancy and elegance. Usually, modern homes have simple decoration. You don’t need to fill with full and complex furniture. Moreover, it is suitable for small limited interior space. In modern home too hi-tech home appliance is applied. The modern technology is commonly eco-friendly.
Actually, eco-friendly home becomes massive issue in home designing. Today’s necessity demands every house that built must be friendly to nature. That is why the home decor modern has a tendency to become eco-friendly. The example of eco-friendly home design is using electric fireplace. We know since long time ago, people use log as the fuel of fireplace like in home decor modern country. It is surely not a supporting idea for today’s trend. Then, the developer create modern fireplace using electric power as the source.
Another element of house which accommodates today’s necessity is paint. As everybody knows, paint has bad liquid waste. There was also bad quality paint caused the bad illness for homeowners. Fortunately, it is not happen for home decor modern anymore. Today, they create better quality paint from natural material that not endanger for human health. Actually, the characteristic of today’s home décor can be looked from the furniture fulfilling it. Surely, the furniture can represent the design of house.
Home Decor Modern Furniture
Commonly, home furniture is made from wood. It includes cabinet, chairs, table, etc. But, not all the kinds of wood will be matched with home decor modern style. The lightwood material like pine is commonly used by people for modern interior designs whether to make table or cabinet. Actually, to put in furniture in such small house will be difficult. You must measure the space first to avoid the miss measurement and in the end home decor modern goes fail. If you are finish with the measurement aspect, you can start to fill it.
Wooden furniture is commonly used as table and chairs material. Especially in dining room, to make nice atmosphere inside there with lightwood furniture like dining table and chairs. Using lightwood material, the dining room will appear attractively. Moreover, home decor modern must need cabinet in its decoration. Especially for bedroom and bathroom, cabinet can push up the furniture quality. Moreover, in the modern home, the durability of wood is good. A high class quality wood can endure for at least 10 years. Not only quality, the wooden furniture should have aesthetic design.
Wooden furniture in home decor modern contemporary can be classified into some class based on the room where they exist. In the living room, we can find wood furniture such as coffee table, side table, drawers, TV cabinet, and many more. Although in living room has more than wooden furniture, the furniture made from wood is more dominated. Applying home decor modern, living room must be applied with minimalist design of furniture, including the sofa. Sectional sofa will be better as it size and capacity is perfect for your necessity.
In other rooms, wooden furniture in home decor modern must exist. Especially for bathroom, it must be bathroom vanity decorating it. For modern design, bathroom vanity usually has maximum double sinks. Meanwhile for home decor modern ideas in bedroom, wooden furniture exists with the existence of closet, bed frame, dresser table, and study desk. Accommodating the rule of modern ideas, furniture must be useful and better to multifunction. So the room doesn’t need any furniture addition.

Seattle Modern Homes: Build Your Dream House Now!

Seattle has everything that you are looking for. This is including various home styles. The one which becomes the newest trend is Seattle modern homes. The simple house style with unique boxy house shape makes everybody opts for it than other house styles. Rather than buying the house from a broker, why don’t you try turning your current house to be modern one?

If you buy a new house directly from the broker, you will spend less for renovating the new house. You just need to add or remove the interior to be the design you like. However, if there are any flaws, you have to accept it. If you buy unique homes for sale Seattle, you will realize that it can be more expensive than building a house. The benefit is that you don’t need to think thoroughly many aspects about building a home. This is what will happen if you try building Seattle modern homes from scratches or renovating your old house. But of course, by creating your own design, you will be more satisfied with the final result. There won’t be any disappointment.

Tips in Renovating or Building Seattle Modern Homes

Seattle real estate nowadays is managed by professional broker. Many of these brokers have online office. Their website gives many explanations about Seattle modern homes they sold. It can be your sources in finding the modern house design for your house renovation. You can browse tons of modern house architectures around the world too.

Another way to get an inspiration is by walking around Seattle. You can pass by the luxurious houses in Seattle to find some ideas. Modern architecture Seattle can also be gotten from the magazines. If there is any Seattle modern homes exhibition in the city, you have to visit it. There, you can get various ideas about the exterior and interior. Sometimes, the broker will assist you to see the house too. It is a chance for you to see what modern house looks like.

Once you have gotten several ideas, patch it all into a piece of paper. You can try contacting a professional architect to draw Seattle modern homes design with the specifications you put in the paper. But you have to pay for it. As an alternative, you can employ the interactive house builder simulation software. This software is really beneficial in turning your ideas into a nice house floor plan. The software is already in 3D, thus you can see the diorama of the house.

The next step is going to Seattle house builder. Before that, you have to choose one from many builders. It is better to enlist several builders than directly selecting one from hundreds. Make sure that the builders you preferred have good reputation in the market. You can see their experiences in building Seattle modern homes too. By seeing the pictures of houses they have built, you will know their capability in building modern houses. Another way to decide on the list is by asking references from your friends. You can also try finding some reviews from people around Seattle, which is usually in the form of blog review, to get the name of the best house builder in Seattle.

So, your next task is contacting each house builder. They will meet you and ask for your desire of Seattle modern homes. With them, you can discuss many things. It is including deciding the final design of the house, the material for flooring, walls, and ceiling, the layout of the garden, the size of the rooms, and also the finishing for walls and lighting. When you are with the house builder, you can ask them how much they will charge you with that specification. If you don’t feel like it, you can contact another house builder in Seattle. Well, usually, the price depends on the specifications, including the level of difficulty in applying the design.

Modern Trailer Homes: An Alternative Toward Regular House

Nowadays, modern mobile homes become an attraction in the property market. This is due to the simplicity and the uniqueness of the house. People buy mobile homes because of the mobility feature. If they want to move to another place, they can move all parts of the house. It is quite simple, isn’t it? This is especially beneficial for those who are really in love with their house and hard to move on from the house. Within the category of mobile homes are the modern trailer homes. This one also reflects everything that a mobile home has.
The Beauty of Modern Trailer Homes
As its name indicates, modern trailer homes are built to be similar with a trailer. Sometimes, people even turn real trailer into a house. In whichever method, people can turn it into trailer home. This house is characterized with the boxy design or bar wood design. In most opportunities, people opt for concrete wall with wooden finishing. People actually have the chance to paint the outer walls with modern colors, such as white, black, grey, or cream.
From the outside, the house will have natural design. It combines the modernity into the flat roof design. Around the house, you will see there are giant window doors. It is especially installed in the backside of the house that connects the living room with backyard. Several modern trailer home for sales provide unique color combinations in the exterior and interior. It is done to make the modern trailer homes feel spacious. This is because many trailer houses are built in small sizes.
Talking about the interior, you will find that modern trailer homes feel very homey. The kitchen will be more likely the galley kitchen due to the house size. For the bedroom, you can optimize the space by using bed with stair storages or bunks. You’d rather buy multipurpose furniture than buying all kinds of furniture at once. It won’t be enough to be placed in the trailer house.
So, how much are trailer homes? Basically, you can get modern trailer homes with budget around $30,000 to $80,000. With money in this amount, you will get the trailer home only. You will need to spend several hundred dollars to make it settled in a place. Sometimes, you can find the trailer houses which already set on a yard. If you don’t feel like the design, you can renovate it later. It can cost you much money though. Well, this is especially happened if you buy an old trailer house. Indeed, you have to replace many things in the old trailer house. It is including renovation for the walls, removing the cracked flooring, repainting the walls, and installing the new flooring.
When it comes to efficiency, modern trailer homes have everything you are looking for. This one is much cost saving. In one year, you will spend less than $1,000 for the gas, water, and electricity. Trailer house is perfect for everybody who has environment concern. It has smaller energy usage than the regular sized house. Moreover, it is beneficial if you are living alone or just staying with your spouse. You can find peace in this house. This can be achieved if you install the house in peaceful place, like near the lake or near the forest.
So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get your own modern trailer homes. To get it, you have to prepare the budget. With money around $100,000, we guarantee that you can get the best trailer house in the market. All you need to do after that is finding the trailer house you want. It is a good thing to create your own trailer house too. Good luck for it!